Our Machine-Database connector can be simply configured with a web interface. On the interface, the user will be able to set himself the signification of each input (or group of inputs) and to configure the connection with the server.

The connector can take directly 24V signals (up to 300) or be connected through a bus system (such as Modbus). The connection can be made with any PLC brand and model.

The Machine-Database connector will easily collect the information about the cycle times, the downtimes of the production line, the number of parts produced. This can be done without any modification of the machine PLC program. In addition, it is possible to collect automatically the reasons for the downtimes, the change of products, the rejects and the reasons for the rejects.

The connector updates the database continuously through a secured connection. In case of an interruption of the connection between the connector and the server, it will store the data in its internal memory and will synchronize when the connection is resumed.